What is Wealth Finder?

Wealth Finder is the investors tool designed to help you invest and source potential properties.

Strong investment properties which are below market value, have strong rental yields coupled with upside for capital growth are identified and delivered direct to your property software manager. Save time, review your options and take confident action with all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Minimises risk of buying an average or LEMON property! Strong cash flows and instant equity options!

Our Wealth Finder service brings to the market the same research, knowledge and strategies some of the worlds most successful property experts practice. Wealth Finder has been specifically designed to assist you in growing a successful Property Portfolio.

Ever noticed properties come onto the internet for sale and are already "under contract"? Wealth Finder brings to you the opportunity to secure those transactions and compete with the 'first to know' for these investments. With a national network of Buyer Agents and Developers Wealth Finder has positioned itself to be the first point of contact for astute investors. Our network prefers to deal with Wealth Finder clients because they know they are educated and armed with the right figures to make a self-assured decision.

Being a Private Wealth Client secures you of a property gem opportunity and dedicated service from your private wealth manager. The opportunities you will receive include comprehensive information on property allowing you to make a confident decision as to what fair market value (and below market value) is.

  • Comparable Market Value
  • Other properties currently on the market
  • Detailed Cash flow analyses
  • Information regarding the property location
  • Current sale reports


  • Discounted and "below market value" properties
  • High yielding properties 7% - 15%
  • Silent listings
  • Positive cash flow
  • All types of residential properties
  • Unit blocks
  • Renovation opportunities
  • Development and sub dividable properties
  • Dual occupancy properties
  • High capital growth properties

How does it work?

Wealth Finder presents Private WEALTH cLIENTS with the best property investment deals.
You could be building your property profile in these six easy steps.

Wealth Finder presents a property to you via email or your online property portfolio manager, including comparable market value, recent activity, along with the cash-flow report.

As an investor, you review the property details and get an understanding of how the property will benefit you. You can now make an assertive decision on how you would like to move forward.

You contact your Private Wealth Manager and make inquiries, and run your own due diligence from all angles of the purchase to ensure you are comfortable to move forward.

Once happy with your due diligence, you make an offer you believe is acceptable. (Wealth Finder provide a price range that we believe the property should be secured at.)

You move forward with the transaction as per advice from your success team (i.e Wealth manager, finance provider, accountants and solicitor/conveyancer and rental support) as per any normal transaction.

Congratulations, you have just added another property to your portfolio and time to move onto your next purchase via Wealth Finder.

  • R450,000 purchase
  • R620,000 valuation
  • R4500 pw rent
  • 9% yield
  • 3 years old (has depreciation)
  • RR550,000 previous sale price
  • 5kms East Rand mall
  • R490,000 purchase
  • R640,000 valuation
  • R4700 pm rent
  • 11.5% yield
  • 2 Beds 2 Bath 5min from town
  • R650,000 purchase
  • R950,000 valuation
  • R6500pm rent
  • 10% yield
  • 4 bedroom house
  • 15 minutes airport

Why Wealth Finder

Wealth Finder is a simple tool and the
ONLY property lead generation service
in the market today.

For most investors the biggest problem is not just trying to find "a deal", but trying to find "the right deal". Wealth Finder assists members in locating prime investment opportunities and interacting in initial negotiations with real estate agents, Wealth Finder has helped investors across South Africa build their personal property empires.

Whether you want to keep on top of market trends or actively pursue property investment, Wealth Finder is the perfect tool.


I would like to thank you for such a wonderful, eye opening experience on Property. If I had not yet joined you guys, I'd have done so right away.... EXCELLENT WORK!!!



My Wealth Properties you Rock. If I did not make use Wealth Properties I would probably have been geared negatively until 2019. Keep up the good work!